The Kindness Elves - A Magical Experience for Preschoolers


Something very exciting happened the other day! We welcomed these beautiful Kindness Elves into our home and our Family Day Care! Have you heard of them before? You might remember when we read their book which inspired us to paint rainbows with kindness.

The Kindness Elves

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Kindness Elves are special little elves who help children to spread kindness throughout their home and community. They love to leave little notes for children to find in their mailbox and they love receiving notes and drawings too. They also love to see children being kind to each other which makes them especially happy.

The Kindness Elves

We were lucky enough to welcome Rose and Wish (in pink) and Flora and Sage (in green) to our home and we were very excited to see the little house they brought to live in. Each of the Kindness Elves have their own special job. Rose and Wish are Wish Maker Elves who love to create surprises for others by decorating places, wrapping gifts and setting up treasure hunts. Flora and Sage are Nature Lover Elves. They love to climb trees, throw leaves, take care of their gardens and learn all about plants, animals and flowers. There are also other colour elves to choose from and their jobs and talents will be released soon!

I am already bursting with ideas of how they can help our Family Day Care with fun activities! I don't have to tell you how excited the children will be to come into care and find notes about treasure hunts, flower picking, kind gestures and so much more!

Before I continue I just need to let you know that the elves are very shy and that they liked to be kept away from children's play as they are not toys. Children can handle them carefully (which is a great way in itself to practice kindness) but they are not made for the rigorous play that children would love to put them through.

The Kindness Elves

The Kindness Elves are a fantastic way of incorporating the Early Years Learning Framework Outcomes into your Family Day Care, Child Care Centre or Kindergarten program. Specifically, they will help you with -
Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world.
Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.
Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators.

So what can you do with them when they arrive at your place?

I think it is a good idea to find somewhere to put their house, a place where they are likely to watch lots of children's play happening. When the children spot them you can introduce them and explain why they are here, their book is a fantastic way to do this. Soon it will be time for the Kindness Elves to leave their first note, if you are not sure what to write you can get lots of suggestions here. I'm sure the children will then be more than ready to start writing their own notes and drawings back, so leaving out small bits of paper with pencils is a great way to encourage those pre-writing and writing skills!

Rose and Wish are going to encourage our children to decorate the table with flower arrangements, make and wrap gifts for friends and loved ones, go on all sorts of treasure hunts and practice things like helping to tidy, sharing toys and making each other smile. Flora and Sage will encourage the children to look after the plants in our garden, make bird feeders for the birds and butterfly feeders for the butterflies, they will encourage them to look for insects and observe them carefully and they will also encourage turn taking on the slide and bikes, and recycling our rubbish correctly.

What do you think the Kindness Elves could do at your place? And which of the Kindness Elves do you think your children would enjoy the most?

If the Kindness Elves haven't visited your home yet you can find them here!



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