DIY Car Maze Table

Our awesome homemade wooden car maze has been transformed into into a car maze table simply by adding legs! I thought it was about time I added it to the blog since we have only had it like this for a year or so!!

DIY Car Maze Table

I noticed a long time ago that surfaces just above waist height proved popular to our little boy and his cars. Something about the ease of movement and ability to easily manipulate his cars would draw him to the arm of our couch and our TV table. Now he spends ages standing at this table, moving around it and driving (or lining up) his cars while immersed in his imaginary world.

DIY Car Maze Table

Perhaps the best thing about it (in my eyes anyway) was that it kept his cars safe from his little sister for a while. Now that she is up and walking though it doesn't serve this purpose anymore. It does however keep her entertained too and she loves driving cars around it just as much!

DIY Car Maze Table

Do you know a talented someone who could make one for you? I'd love to see pictures of it if you try it! Just post them on our Facebook page!

For more car adventures you can visit our toy car section. With a car obsessed little boy we have plenty of play ideas for them!

Happy driving!


DIY Car Maze Table



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