Spiral Car Track - 5 Minute Play Idea

The best activities are the ones that take you very little time to set up. I like to think that it's because a simple set up means lots of space for the child's imagination to fill in the gaps. You give them a starting point if you like and they do all the rest. This masking tape spiral car track is one of our latest quick to set up activities. It took me less than 5 minutes - and that included thinking up the idea!

Masking tape spiral car track

You have probably seen the idea of a masking tape car track before. They are the perfect way to set up a permanent but not permanent car track in the house (meaning it can't be knocked out of place causing frustration, but it can easily be removed when the time comes). Did you know they can even be vacuumed over?!

Easy spiral track made with masking tape

Making the track into a spiral instead of a traditional looking car track has a few unique benefits. It is great for a small space because it creates a loooooong road for the cars without them actually going anywhere. The track can also be used in two ways by either using the masking tape itself as the road or by making the carpet between the tape the road. 

Mr 3 eventually added all of his cars to this track, driving them all around and around towards the centre where they where then meticulously lined up and parked. Unfortunately I missed getting a photo of it before they were scurried off for another mission.

Drive around and around the spiral car track

We had this tape spiral on our carpet for over a week, vacuumed over it, returned the cars to it to play with again and only decided to pack it up once it had sat unused for quite a while. An unused play item is my indication that it is time for something new. That's not to say we won't make this again, it just gets a bit boring if it's always around. Once I make it again I'm sure it will be adored once more.

Have you made a car track with masking tape before? Let me know on Facebook, tag your photos with #playadventures on Instagram or simply leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you and seeing your photos!

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A fantastic activity for car obsessed kids. A spiral car track made out of masking tape!



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