Sensory Runway for Baby

Do you have a crawler in your household or daycare? Are they confident at crawling now and looking for a little challenge? This sensory runway is a great way to provide a safe environment for them to take risks and explore new possibilities with their crawling.

Sensory Runway for Baby - Baby Play Idea
I like to do this activity when my babies are new to crawling but confident in their ability to get around. They are moving faster with smooth coordinating movements but they have not yet started to pull themselves up (this can be quite a small space of time!).

Sensory Runway for Baby - Baby Play Idea

This little runway is made out of 3 fruit and vegetable boxes from our local supermarket. They are strong enough for a baby to sit on top of and the perfect height to practice crawling up and down a step. It takes a very small amount of time to create and I found that my children would repeatedly come back to their respective sensory runways over the course of a week, if not more.

Sensory Runway for Baby - Baby Play Idea

Each box gets covered in a different type of material so that the baby can explore with their senses as well as having the crawling challenge. I simply use tape to hold the material in place, it's not perfect but as I am always supervising it is easy to fix it as needed. Here I have chosen a hessian material with a blue pattern, soft white wadding and bubble wrap. These were all materials that I already had in the cupboard so for me this was a no cost activity!

Sensory Runway for Baby - Baby Play Idea

The sensory runway I made for my son had different types of material again with a soft blanket, fake grass and cellophane. There are many possibilities as to what kind of material you could use and how bright and colourful you would like it to be.

If your baby is not quite crawling yet they may be better suited to try treasure baskets first for a great way to safely explore new and exciting things from the world around them!

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Sensory runway for baby - Baby play idea



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