Playdough and Rock Towers

We love playdough around here! It has very quickly become a daily staple in our house and Mr 3 is at that great stage where he is experimenting with all the different ways that it can be rolled and squished and shaped. He is also a big fan of rocks and being outside, so we threw them all together and came up with playdough and rock towers!

"How tall can we make the tower?" I challenged him.

And oh boy was that challenge accepted!

Building towers with rocks and playdough

The photo below shows you how I set it up on the table. Nothing fancy. Three colours of playdough simply because we already had them and a pile of rocks from our garden. We actually needed more rocks than this but it wasn't hard to run out (in the rain!) and grab them.

Setting up the activity with balls of playdough and a pile of rocks

If you wanted to set it up as more of an invitation to play where you would like the child to discover it and experiment for themselves you could just build a small tower as an example and leave it for them to find.

An invitation to play with an example tower

There are lots of challenges to experiment with while trying to build a tower:

How much playdough to put between each rock.
How hard to push down on the rocks to make them stick.
How carefully you need to line them up on top of each other.
How much you need to account for their differing shapes.

Sticking rocks together with playdough

Buidling playdough and rock towers next to each other

And of course having them fall over is all part of the frustration, learning and trial and error needed to succeed!

Playdough and rock tower falling over

Mr 3's last tower got pretty high and since it had taken him a while to get it like this (and a lot of concentration, patience and tricky fine motor skills) he then decided he would throw all the rocks back in the garden which was perfect. No waste, no rubbish and easy clean up! My favourite kind of activity!

Buidling taller towers with rocks and playdough

Carefully balancing rocks on playdough

I have also seen photos of playdough and rocks used to make houses before with the rocks used in place of the bricks. I think rocks are a brilliant play material and would love to know what else you have used them for?

Let me know on Facebook, tag your photos with #playadventures on Instagram or simply leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you and seeing your photos!

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