Highchair Taste-Safe Sensory Play

The high chair can be a great place to pop baby for times when you need to know where they are to keep them safe. I never owned a play pen (though I do see the benefits of them) and so the high chair was often the place I would put Missy when I needed to shower (in the bathroom with me) and also when I had to pack or unpack the dishwasher as she loved nothing better than pulling out all the dishes, clean or dirty, and also climbing up and sitting on the door itself!

Messy baby hands playing with gloop

I would always give her something to do at the high chair to keep her busy. Sometimes she would eat or I would talk to her and sing but she really did love having something to explore and touch.

Baby trying gloop

This is an easy recipe for gloop. It is approximately 2 parts corn flour to 1 part water and I made it light pink by colouring it with raspberries. To do that I simply poured warm water over frozen raspberries and let them soak until they thawed, I then used the water in the recipe. Like most sensory play recipes, you will have to experiment a bit with the mixture and add either a bit more flour or water until you are happy with the consistency.

Baby experimenting with the texture of gloop

Taste safe means that if baby puts a little in his or her mouth it is not going to harm them, it doesn't mean that it is OK to eat so you do need to keep an eye on them and discourage too much tasting to prevent a sore belly. If your child uses a dummy I find them perfect for keeping things out of mouths during sensory play.

Messy play in the high chair

Babies learn all about their world through touch so this activity will get messy and the best thing you can do is allow them to get as messy as they like. Therefore bathrooms, kitchens or even outside are great places to try this.

If you find that your baby is not putting too much of it in their mouth you may like to try them with playdough next! All babies are different, and you know your child (or the children in your care) the best so trust your instinct as to when they will be ready to try this and supervise them at all times.

What kinds of activities do you give to your child to keep them busy in the high chair? I'd love to hear from you in the comments or through social media!

High chair taste safe sensory play



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