Shiny Treasure Basket

I am a huge fan of treasure baskets for babies. They are so simple to put together and they are free as you simply use things from your house that you already have. This makes them great for two reasons; they are a great last minute activity when baby needs a distraction and they introduce babies to objects that they will come across in their everyday life.

This shiny treasure basket took a little bit longer than normal to put together as I added the zip-lock bags but the rest was just a matter of walking from room to room and popping in anything shiny that caught my eye.

Shiny objects in a silver tray

Using the silver baking tray was a hit, not only did it make the shiny treasures look even shinier it also made an interesting sound and Missy loved to flip it over and bang her hands on it. 

Close up view of the shiny treasures

The shiny treasures included egg rings, a lid, an ice-cream scoop, a CD, a teaspoon, octahedrons from our baby mobiles (Missy was so excited to finally get her hands on these!!) and 3 zip-lock bags. Inside the bags I put aluminium foil, stars between contact paper and also glitter between contact paper.

This was an engaging treasure basket as it appealed strongly to the senses of sight, touch and hearing. The light reflected beautifully off the objects in different ways, the metal objects felt colder than the others and the sounds of banging changed for each item as well.

Treasure baskets are the perfect activity to let baby come back and forth to. I usually leave mine on the floor until I can see that Missy has lost interest, this is either by her no longer exploring it or by it not capturing her attention for more than a couple of seconds. This can be anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks depending on both the basket and stages Missy is going through at the time. Anything like teething, illness or big milestones generally means less interest in activities like this!

I introduce treasure baskets to my babies once they can sit independantly and find that I tend to make them less by the time they are crawling as that is when they can go and explore house hold objects all by themselves!

What kind of treasure basket could you go and make today? Share your pictures with me on Facebook, I'd love to see them!

Enjoy the way they play today!


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