Mirror Painting

Painting on a mirror certainly isn't a new idea but it is one that we had been wanting to try for a while. It appealed to me for many reasons. I like the extra visual element it adds to a normal painting and how it allows for more experimentation in terms of watching your brush strokes and using fingers to pull back the paint and reveal mirror underneath. I think my favourite reason I wanted to try it though was because it is a lovely way to paint without going through a lot of paper. The paint can be washed off of the mirror when the child is finished with the art work. This may be straight after the experience or they may want to let it dry and display it for a couple of days or weeks. Either way, wet or dry, poster paint is very easily washed off simply using water.

Painting with paint brushes on a mirror

The mirror we used is a play safe mirror from IKEA, they are fabulous as they wont break if dropped or hit. They are also a wonderful size for young children to use.

The painting activity set up

The above picture is how I set up the painting experience waiting for Mr R to come and play.

Painting on a mirror

He found this activity to be very engaging and we enjoyed lots of giggles and silly faces in the mirror while he painted.

Toddler painting on a mirror

It was a very wet and rainy day when we did this and the kids both desperately needed to have a bit of time outside. Setting up an experience like this on the back verandah allowed us to get some fresh air while still staying dry.

Painting with two paint brushes

It also allowed us to pause every now and then and watch the rain tumble down!

Watching the rain while he paints

Have you tried painting on a mirror before? I love seeing your pictures so please share them with me on my Facebook page!

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Enjoy the way they play today!


Mirror painting picture collage



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