Painted Picture Frame Mat - An Easy Gift Idea

If you are looking for a super easy gift idea that a young child can make with little to no adult help then look no further!

Painted Picture Frame Mat

This beautiful photo frame is what Mr R and I created for his Dad for Father's Day last year (he did the painting, I did the buying!). I simply bought a new photo frame, printed a cute picture and took out the mat for Mr R to paint. Older children may like to be more precise with their painting, but what I love about this idea the best is that very young children can finger paint the mat and the recipient can have a genuine hand made present from them that was actually 100% made by the child.

Painted Picture Frame Mat

This gift idea would work for any occasion for any recipient and is a fabulous last minute idea too, you just need enough time for the paint to dry!

Oh and if anyone reading this ever receives a painted picture frame mat from us it doesn't necessarily mean it was a last minute thought!! :)

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Happy Painting,


Painted Picture Frame Mat



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