Mirror, Buttons and Dough - A Sensory Play Idea

Every now and then I find myself wandering around the house looking for something new to do with Mr R. He is generally pretty good at entertaining himself but every now and then he either needs something new to grab his attention or we have some time to spend together, just the two of us, and I want to do something special.

This was one of those special times.

An invitation to play

It started by me deciding to make play dough. I wanted it to be quick and easy so I made a version using hair conditioner and corn flour. Then I grabbed our IKEA play safe mirror and finished off the play idea with a big pile of buttons.

Enjoying the sensory feel of the dough

Mr R was fascinated and it certainly grabbed his attention. Every aspect of this experience was fun and intriguing.

Exploring buttons on a mirror

It was the first time I had shown him the collection of buttons, so that alone was enough to keep him busy. Buttons hold such a fascination for kids, especially big collections of them. The sizes, the shapes, the colours, it's enough to keep little hands occupied just on their own.

Exploring the texture of the dough

The dough was also new to him and the texture is quite different to regular play dough so this aspect was fun for him too. He eventually mixed the two together and pressed the buttons in to the dough. The mirror gave it an extra element and he loved being able to hold a button and see the other side of it.

Pressing buttins into the dough

To make this dough you simply mix together 1 part conditioner to 2 parts corn flour (for this small amount I used 1/2 cup conditioner and 1 cup of corn flour). Then you need to see how it goes - add a little more of each until you are happy with the consistency. In these photos it is a little dry and crumbling so afterwards I added more conditioner and it turned out to be super soft and silky. You can see how cool it became in this video:

Doesn't it make you just want to go and create this awesome dough now?! Also, don't forget to start collecting all your buttons!

For another sensory play idea be sure to read about the time we added water beads to shaving cream. Or if you like this idea but don't have enough spare hair conditioner you could try foam dough.

Enjoy playing with your kids today!


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*Like all activities on my blog this requires adult supervision as the buttons can be a choking hazard



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