How to Create a Large Drawing Canvas Over Carpet

Large scale drawings are so much fun! There is something so special to a child to be given so much space and freedom to draw and I know most get very excited to be given large pieces of paper.

We have the long rolls of paper from IKEA at our house but we are somewhat limited as to where we can roll them out. Across our dining table has been the first choice as it is long and flat, but it is not as special as spreading out and drawing on the floor. We have tried rolling it out across our tiles but this gives us two issues. The first issue is the grout lines, we find that they get in the way of a smooth drawing and often lead to tears in the paper. The second issue is that the tiles get so cold in Winter, Mr R doesn't seem to mind, but I don't like the idea of him sitting on them for too long.

Toddler playing with cars over his drawing

So we came up with this idea and it had been fabulous. We brought inside a left over piece of mdf from the shed. It's approximately 1m long and 40cm wide and it fits the IKEA paper perfectly. I use sticky tape to secure the paper to the back of the board and it is ready to go. The mdf provides a smooth surface for drawing, it keeps little bottoms warm as they sit on the carpet and it can be moved around easily and kept for however many days necessary for the masterpiece to be completed.

Toddler drawing on large scale paper

This has become such a great activity in our house in those moments when our toddler needs a little more entertainment and direction. It is quick to set up and mess free (as long as you don't use markers) and it keeps Mr R busy for a while. It is also a really nice activity to do together and collaborate on.

What is the best spot in your house for large scale drawings?

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