Outside Play On A Rainy Day

Some people say that weather is no excuse for not going outside. I'm not one of those people. If I lived in a place where it snowed I'd be happy to take the kids for a play, but it doesn't snow where I live. In Winter it just rains, and quite often the rain is heavy and you are saturated in an instant. With a toddler and a crawling infant that's just not my idea of fun!

Chalk drawn rain drops

So how do I make the most of outside play in Winter? I wait for the right timing and I jump on it. In the case of this day, where it had been raining heavily for quite a while, I jumped on the chance of a much anticipated sunny break which coincidentally timed itself right with Missy's nap.

Mr R and I put on our gumboots and his waterproof pants and went jumping in puddles!

Jumping in puddles

Jumping in puddles

Jumping in puddles

Jumping in puddles

We drew pictures with chalk...

Chalk drawings

Yellow suns and blue rain drops

And he rode his (way too small for him now) trike through the puddles too.

Bike riding through puddles

Playing outside in Winter is great when you find the right moment for you. Be prepared with thick jackets, gumboots and water proof pants and have them easily accessible for quick escapes outdoors.

One day I envision we will put on our rain coats, pop up our umbrellas and happily spend more time outside in the rain. But until little Missy is walking this is what we will be doing through the wet, cold and rainy Winter.

What do you do to get your kids outside in Winter? If you have any tips or tricks then please tell me!

Go make a splash!


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  1. We do go on quite a few bushwalks in winter, but I'll confess that we wait until it's dry (and has been dry for a while so the ground isn't too soggy), and try to go in the afternoon when it's not too crisp. But your puddle jumping does look tempting, especially just out the backdoor where you can quickly jump in the shower if you start to freeze!


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