Chalk Car Track

Creating a chalk car track outside is one of the quickest and simplest activities you can do. It will keep any car obsessed child busy for a very long time and it can easily change as the play develops too - just add more drawings!

Chalk car track with parking spaces

We have done this activity so many times now that I can't even remember if these photos were from the first time or not. Each time we make a chalk car track it is different, this makes it exciting each time that we do it. Sometimes it is a simple oval, sometimes we add car parks, sometimes it has many twists and turns and sometimes we even have 2 or 3 out there at once!

Toddler playing on chalk car track

At the moment I draw these for Mr R (2.5 years old). At first I would make them however I like but now I get strict instructions as to where the track needs to go. One day I assume that he will be making these all by himself while I sit back with a coffee and watch (fingers crossed!).

Chalk car track outside

It is so easy to draw with jumbo chalk. Our first box came from Crayola and our second tub came from Kmart, both were great and both had a variety of bright colours. The best thing about using chalk is that it will eventually disappear from the pavers without you having to do anything, especially if you get a big rain!

Cars lined up on chalk car track

The car park proved to be a fabulous addition for Mr R. You really could add anything you like and create huge towns if you were feeling particularly creative.

Focused play with toy cars

We have even used some of our (pretty cool) kindling as loose parts to go along with the car track. We happened to have great shapes perfect for arches and we helped Mr R to create a ramp and roadway from the straight pieces leading down to the car track.

Loose parts on chalk car track

Chalk car track with arches

Anything is possible when you draw with chalk outside, both you and your child can let your imaginations go wild with ideas and additions to their play.

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Now what's stopping you? Go and play today!

Alison :)

Chalk car track collage picture



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