Phizzwizards, Trogglehumpers & Disney's The BFG

Four movie tickets were gifted to us to attend a preview of Disney's The BFG. This movie will be released on the 30th of June in Australia.

Roald Dahl has always been one of my favourite authors. As a child he opened up a glorious world of incredible characters, mind boggling imagination and a love for reading that saw my nose buried in a book more often than not. The BFG is one of the incredible characters that I fell in love with as a child and so an invite to the preview of Disney's adaption of The BFG was meet with more excitement than the Big Friendly Giant gets from drinking his Frobscottle!

Disney have once again blown me away, this version of the movie is so swishwiffingly good! The characters have been brought to life in such a humble way that you will instantly adore them and quickly lose yourself in the world that is Giant's Country. The detail is fantastic and so many scenes were so spot on that I could instantly recall Quentin Blake's gorgeous illustrations that matched them. 

Sophie and The BFG
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If you are worried about your child seeing bone-crunching, child-snatching giants, having nightmares and not sleeping as a result you are not alone. I didn't take my almost 3 year old to see it for this reason. Disney however made this with a young audience in mind and tell the story perfectly without any scary scenes (the scenes in the trailer are as dark as it gets). While my toddler would still be too young to follow the plot line, I would happily take a primary school aged child to see it. 

Sophie and The BFG
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The chiddler sitting with me (10 years old) had read the book and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. He was so excited to see the snozzcumbers, frobscottle and whizzpops and even though he knew what was about to happen and how it would end he was hooked on the movie from beginning to end. He couldn't believe that we had been in there for two hours!  

(Not sure what some of these words mean? Scroll down to BFG Gobblefunk)

Hold on to the Phizzwizards with Dream Jars

After watching The BFG it is likely that your children (and you) will be fascinated with the idea of catching dreams. The dream jars in the movie are incredibly beautiful and I think the following crafts represent them so well. Your child could have their very own Phizzwizard next to them while they sleep ready to give them a magical dream.
Dream Jars

(from left to right)

1. Jam Jar and Tissue Paper Luminaries from The Imagination Tree
2. Nebula Jar from MomDot
3. Fairy Jar also from MomDot

Catch the Trogglehumpers with Dream Catchers

Unfortunately Phizzwizards aren't the only type of dream and the idea of having a Trogglehumper enter their room could make any child worried. You can help your child to make a dream catcher to catch all the nasty Trogglehumpers and keep them safe from having bad dreams. Here are my favourite ones to make...

Dream Catchers

(From left to right)

1. Kid Friendly Dream Catcher from Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes
2. Dream Catcher for Toddlers from My Bored Toddler
3. Paper Cut Dream Catcher from Artsy Craftsy Mom
4. Dream Catchers with Hearts from Red Ted Art
5. Paper Strip Dream Catcher from Syncopated Mama
6. Butterfly Dream Catcher from The Creative Pair
7. Button Dream Catcher from Play & Learn Every Day

Of course you could always buy one too. My friend Carissa makes these stunning dream catchers which you can purchase through her Etsy store A Little Vintage Dream and you can follow her gorgeous creations on Instagram.

A little vintage dream - dream catchers

If you are interested in reading more about Disney's The BFG and seeing the trailer you can find the information here on their website.

I would love to hear your opinions once you have seen it and hope you adore it as much as I do!

Sweet Phizzwizards,


BFG Gobblefunk

Frobscottle - A drink in which the bubbles (and gases) go down instead of up
Swishwiffingly - Amazingly
Chiddlers - Children
Snozzcumber - A disgusting cucumber like vegetable
Whizzpop - Breaking wind
Phizzwizards - Amazing dreams
Trogglehumpers - Bad dreams



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