Secret Ramps - Toy Car & Box Play

I have a hard time throwing out a large cardboard box. It just seems like such a waste not to use them in some way for play. One day it will be my kids who will be creating with them, but for now it's still me who gets the joy of turning a cardboard box into something special.

After the success of the last box I created for Mr 2's cars I just knew I had to do something for his cars again. This time I got a little bit more creative and complex and made a box of secret ramps!

Inside view of the box with ramps

I used the cardboard from the bottom of the box to create the ramps, simply cutting them to length and slightly folding up the edges to keep the cars on track. After cutting out the entrances and exits and joining it all together with tape the secret ramp box was complete.

Outside view of the box

From the outside it looks very plain but this is what I love about it the most. When Mr 2 puts a car into a top entrance he doesn't know which  exit it will come out from (well the first few times of each play anyway, he pretty quickly figures out where they will appear!).

Secret ramps inside the cardboard box

I intentionally created the ramps so that they wouldn't necessarily lead to the opposite side of the box. The above photo of the inside of the box shows what I mean. Sometimes Mr 2 will play with the top open so that he can see the cars going down the ramps. It took a little bit of trial and error to get the ramps in the right spots so that the cars could freely roll down.

Cardboard box with toy cars

Cardboard box creations for play are one of the easiest and cheapest toys to make. Depending on the intensity of the play they can last for days if not weeks. With old enough kids they will enjoy creating things out of the boxes themselves, and younger children can either work with you or you can create something special for them.

Would your child love a secret ramps box to play with or would you create something different for them? If you have any photos I would love to see them! You can share them on the wall of our Facebook community

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  1. oh wow, this is AMAZING!!! what a clever idea, i could see my toddler playing with this for hoursssssssss!

  2. This is such a cool idea!
    My kids would LOVE this!

  3. This looks fun, I love the possibilities of cardboard boxes too!

  4. This is really cute! My son would love this! I love a cardboard box too - they are the best! Anna @ Kids Play Space

  5. That's very cool! I will have to show my son (who is obsessed with cutting up all our boxes) because I know he will love this idea!

  6. Absolutely LOVE this idea - can't wait to try it out!

  7. This looks like such a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing on #ToddlerFunFriday


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