Insect Small World Play

These beautiful, colourful little insects are a much loved gift from Mr 2's birthday. We had been playing with them inside the house and having a lot of fun with them but they were just screaming out to be put into a more natural environment. 

Actually I was screaming out to get the black ant out, which looks remarkably like a spider and which I would invariably come across in odd places all around the house!

Insects in leaves, rocks and sticks for small world play

So we took these little insects outside and set to work to make them their very own small world. We used our homemade sensory table and a plastic container from the kitchen.

Natural elements collected to make an insect small world

We filled the container with water and just a drop of blue food colouring to make it stand out a bit. Then we wandered around our backyard to find the rest. We added rocks, sticks, bark and both dried leaves and fresh green ones.

Spot the insects hiding in their small world

Mr 2's favourite game to play with this small world is hide and seek. I quickly hide the insects in and around the natural elements and he finds them one by one and carefully lines them up on my knees while returning them. Using just 10 of the insects was my sneaky way of 1-knowing whether or not he had found them all and 2-practising counting to 10!

Do you have any insects at home who would love to have their own small world to be in?

I hope the black insects don't give you a fright like they do to me!

Enjoy your play!


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  1. My daughter would love this- she is such a tomboy!


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