Duplo Car Maze

Most of our play happens in the spur of the moment. Often I am sitting down playing with my son when we end up creating something together. When it has been something fun and loved we will then repeat it over the coming days and weeks. That's the best type of play I think. The type that is so loved that it is repeated over and over again.

Kids need repetitiveness in their play. I can guarantee you that not one play idea on this blog has been played with just once. Each time they play with the same thing they get that little bit better at it. Their fine motor skills sharpen that little bit more. Their imagination grows slightly to add a new element into an otherwise well rehearsed play scenario. We may not actually see what is changing and improving but that doesn't matter. It's not our job to interpret and analyse all of their play. We can observe and encourage it if we want, we can guide it a little and get them started, but we don't always need to understand it and we certainly don't need to control it all.

Child playing with a Duplo car maze

This was one of those moments. We were sitting down playing Duplo together when Mr 2 decided to add his cars to the mix. I sat by him while he was crashing them into piles of Duplo which sounded pretty cool to him. During this time I was building my own creations (never to old to play right?!) and then started to build a road on the Duplo mat for his cars. That turned into putting blocks in the way of the road for more crashing. Which turned into a car maze which he loved.

Overview of Duplo car maze

These pictures are from this first car maze that we built. But like I mentioned before it has been built again numerous times since, changing slightly each time.

Duplo maze with cars

This activity needs no preparation, just Duplo, a board and cars (or Lego, it would work with with the smaller version too). So it's a great activity to try either the next time the Duplo is out at your house or if you are having one of those days when you need a quick but engaging distraction from something else.

Let me know how you go!

Enjoy your building!

Alison :)

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  2. Okay, now this is just adorable and EASY fun! Love it! Thanks for the idea.


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