Drip Painting with Soy Sauce Fish Squeezies!

If you are anything like me (sushi lover & possibly useful craft hoarder) then you will also have a stash of left over fish containers from all of the soy sauce you have consumed.

I had a feeling these containers would be useful, even though I wasn't quite sure what they would be useful for when I started collecting. Then, like a flash of brilliance, it occurred to me to use them to create drip paintings!

Colourful drops of paint on the paper.

Drip paintings are paintings that you make by allowing the paint to slowly drip onto the paper. It can create quite a pretty effect and it is an enjoyable process to watch the drips go splat.

Squeezing purple paint into the fish container.

The best part of using the fish containers as squeezies is that they are a good size for small hands and the fat belly makes it easy to squeeze and to control the speed of the drops coming out.

Paint and paper ready to start painting.

I used poster paint and a sheet of canvas for our drip paintings. As poster paint is quite thick I watered it down by at least a 1:1 paint to water ratio. I simply did test drips as I was mixing the water and paint until I came to a consistency that I was happy with. You want it to be thin enough that you get a splattered drip on the paper. I think this would also work just as well with water colour paint and the proper type of paper for using water colours.

Squeezing yellow paint into the fish container.

To get the paint into the fish squeezie you simply squeeze the fish between your fingers, dip the opening into the paint and then loosen your grip so that the fish sucks up the paint. You will find that the fish only get half full, but as you are using the paint drip-by-drip it is a sufficient amount.

Blue paint dripping onto the page.

Then all you need to do is get creative and create your colourful masterpiece!

Pink paint dripping onto the paper.

Close up of pink paint dripping out of the fish container.

When you have finished you can simply let it dry as it is with all the beautiful splat marks, or you could hold the page up and let the drips run into each other, it's up to you!

Finished painting with splattered paper.

Drip painting after picking the paper up and letting the drips run into each other.

This art process will work well for preschoolers and older children as they have the self control to drip the paint out slowly. It is however still a really fun activity for toddlers!

Mr 2 managed to get the paint into the fish quite easily after a few demonstrations. Instead of dripping the paint he preferred to squeeze it all out at once and then spread it around using his hands. He totally enjoyed himself and ended up with a painting that he was very proud of!

Three examples of drip paintings.

If you haven't already got yourself a collection of the soy sauce fish containers I highly recommend that you start now!

Happy painting!

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  1. This. Is. AMAZING! What a fab post! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! It is so much fun to paint like this!


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