DIY Wooden Car Maze

I actually have to give credit for both the idea and for the making of the wooden car maze to my incredibly talented husband. He turned scrap pieces of wood into this amazing toy and has given Mr R many hours of fun play!

White car on wooden car maze

I think step-by-step instructions for this car maze are unnecessary. He simply choose a large rectangle of mdf then glued and nailed smaller pieces of wood to it to create the maze itself. With a couple of coats of paint the job was done and the car maze was ready to be used.

Bird's eye view of wooden car maze

Mr R has used this maze with his cars flat on the ground, elevated on our sectional sofa and also on an angle creating a slope where cars would crash in to certain parts of it. Much like all the ideas for playing with car mats this maze has several different ways you could use it, and I might just add that he has loved them all!

Parking spot on wooden car maze

The next plan for the wooden maze is to put legs on it so that it will be a car maze table. It will be more useful like this as it can be a bit hard on the knees when Mr R drives his car from one side to the other.

Cars driving on wooden car maze

If your child is obsessed with cars like Mr R is then be sure to read about our super simple toy car and box play and also discover the fun of painting with cars!

Happy Playing,

Alison :)

Wooden car maze from two angles



  1. This is awesome! I know many preschoolers would love this! Thanks for sharing on #ToddlerFunFriday :)


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