Ribbon Rings

I stood and stared into my craft cupboard, there had to be something in there that would stop my toddler from 'pretend falling' on his 5 month old sister for the umpteenth time that day. Despite the fact that she giggled every single time, I was living in fear that the next 'fall' would end in tears and nothing had yet managed to distract him from this game.

That's when I spotted our tin of ribbons and a couple of wooden rings. With just these two things I could make ribbon rings and hopefully entice him away from his sister.

Two wooden rings with ribbons attached

The ribbons that we used had been saved from beautifully gift-wrapped presents and the rings are wooden curtain rings that I once picked up at a home store for making a busy bag. They may not be as pretty as some other versions but I am all about using what I already have at home. Making homemade toys for kids does not need to cost a lot of money and does not need to look perfect, kids will still love them - trust me!

Container of ribbons and two wooden curtain rings

I either looped or tied the ribbon through the rings depending on their length. It took a couple of minutes to make and it was ready to be used.

Two ribbon rings hanging from hooks

Mr R and I had a lot of fun playing with these. We waved them around, moved them to music and let them flutter behind us as we ran in circles and chased each other.

Two ribbon rings spread out on a table

They were the much needed cure for a determined and bored little boy who ended up being full of giggles and smiles. Now they are sitting in our toy room, picked up and fluttered every now and then and more often than not they are used when we are listening to music.

Full length of two ribbon rings hanging from hooks

Ribbon rings are fantastic homemade toys that children from toddlers and above will love. They can be used both inside and outside and can be turned into many things simply by your child's imagination. If you have ribbons around the house and something to use as a ring (a bangle, stacking ring, egg ring etc) then I suggest you make one today, play with your child and enjoy their laughter! 

Happy Playing,

Alison :)

Composite photo of ribbon rings

SAFETY: As the ribbons work best when they are long this is not a toy to leave out with young children due to strangulation risks. Ours are hung out of reach and are brought down when they are asked for.

Need more ideas for quick to set up activities? Try using flour, pots and pans or egg cartons!



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