The EASIEST way to paint with Toddlers

Painting with toddlers can at times feel overwhelming. I know there are moments when I think about getting the paints out and then choose not to because even with our ideas for easy clean up the idea of it all was too much.

Usually we paint on our easel with a large piece of white paper and I fill the 3 little holes with 3 little pots and three little brushes. Don't get me wrong, this is great, and Mr R loves carefully using each colour. But sometimes setting this up with an impatient Mr R is tough. Or we are all out paper and let's be honest, buying enough white paper to satisfy a child's painting desires can be expensive!

So sometimes we do this - one pot of paint and a piece of newspaper.

Toddler painting with green paint on newspaper

Mr R still gets to paint. He still gets the experience of making marks with the paintbrush, the cause and effect of his movements on the page and the fun of it all too.

Little toddler hand covered in paint

He's happy, I'm happy and we've managed to easily share another stress-free play experience together.

Happy Painting,

Alison :)

Toddler painting on newspaper

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  1. This is great. We get paint EVERYWHERE when my toddler paints. Thanks for the tip. Sidenote: Your blog is super cute! Thanks for sharing on Toddler Fun Friday!


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