Torch Play

Torch Play

This little activity will take you less than 1 minute to organise! Not only that but it works best on those days when you are stuck inside due to bad weather! Simply grab a torch and let your little one explore with it!

Torch Play

This really did keep my boy entertained for quite a while. He carried it all over the house and watched the light beam move from the floor to the wall to the ceiling and back again.

Torch Play

In the end his favourite spot to play with it was in his cubby which was quite dark. If you have other objects or toys with light sources such as battery operated candles or balls and wands with lights inside you could set up a light exploration in a dark place (home-made fort perhaps!) and entertain the kids with a light show!

What other simple activities do you do on dark and gloomy days?

Happy playing,

Alison :)

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