Make Your Own Crayon Shapes

This little activity has had me curious for a while now. I've been wondering if it really is so easy to use your old broken crayons to make shiny new ones?! So I decided to give it a go for myself, and surprise surprise... it was ridiculously easy!!

 Make your own crayon shapes!

With a whole heap of broken crayons and a few silicon cupcake liners I was ready to begin. My liners were in the shape of Christmas trees, but you can make any shape you like depending on what silicon shapes you can find to use!

Make your own crayon shapes!

You may notice that I had a small group of crayons separate from the big pile. The crayons in the small group were very dirty, some were even hard to tell what colour they actually were. I was interested to see if it was worth scraping the dirty part off like I did with the big pile, or if using them dirty would still end up fine.

Make your own crayon shapes!

You can see the dirty crayons again in the bottom right cupcake liner.

You don't need to do anything to prepare the liners, just put the crayons straight in there!

Make your own crayon shapes!

I baked the crayons in the oven at 110 degrees centigrade for about 10-15 minutes. I just kept and eye on them and pulled them out when they were completely melted like the photo above.

Make your own crayon shapes!

Once the crayon wax was cool to touch I popped them in the freezer to speed up the setting process. You don't have to do this but it did make them set very quickly. Once they were set I peeled the silicon cupcake liner off and they were done!

The dirty crayons created the red and white Christmas tree above, it was speckled with black dots but it still looked pretty good. Scraping the dirt off did make the trees look brand new, but it did take a fair bit of time. My verdict is... If you are giving them as a gift I would go to the effort of making sure the crayons are clean, if they are simply for your own kids to make and use or in a school or child care centre, I wouldn't worry about cleaning them.

Make your own crayon shapes!

Don't the finished crayons look fantastic! I was very impressed that the whole activity was so simple, and now I have some fantastic little gifts for Master R to give to his friends come Christmas time!!

Have you melted your own crayons before? Kids really do seem to think they are amazing!

Happy Playing,

Alison :)



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