5 Ways to Play with Car Mats

5 ways to play with car mats

Do you have a car mat at home? Does it sit on the floor, played with in the same way every day or some days not played with at all? Quite often kids can start to overlook what they already have when they have played with it enough times. When a car mat sits on the floor, as in the photo below, it can easily lose it's appeal and be forgotten about. There's nothing to worry about though, we can easily make it interesting again by simply doing something new with it! Keep reading to find my top 5 ways of using a car mat!

5 ways to play with car mats

1. Change the Perspective

Simply get the car mat off of the ground! We put ours on part of our sectional couch but it would also work well on a coffee table or even a low bed.

5 ways to play with car mats

2. Change the Location

Is the mat always inside? Why not take it outside on a sunny day! Is it always in a bedroom? Take it into the lounge to re-draw attention to it!

5 ways to play with car mats

3. Add New Dimension

You can add hills to the car mat by simply placing small blocks underneath!

5 ways to play with car mats

4. Use Loose Parts

Loose parts are materials that can be moved around and manipulated without having specific purposes. These materials allow children to use their imagination and creativity and they can be anything at all. We used pebbles, bottle tops, gum-nuts, seed pods and cardboard rolls. I set the loose parts up here for my toddler, but for older children you could provide the loose parts and they could set them up themselves.

5 ways to play with car mats

5. Build with Blocks and Figurines

Turn the car mat into a mini town with buildings and archways, add people and animals and watch the creative play happen. 

5 ways to play with car mats

I would love to hear if you have any more ideas about how to use a car mat! Comment below, or share a photo with me on Facebook!

Happy Playing,

Alison :)



  1. I need to get one of those mats! Thanks for sharing on #ToddlerFunFriday


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