Exploring Colour with Playdough

Playdough is a fantastic medium to use when exploring colours. Not only is it easy to create any colour you like using food colouring (a process that older children could be involved with) it also allows you to explore 1 colour in depth, 2 or more colours in matching activities and you can make new colours through mixing pre-made colours together.

Exploring colour with Playdough in 3 ways.

1. Exploring 1 Colour

Exploring colour with Playdough in 3 ways.

Exploring 1 colour in depth is a great way to introduce toddlers to new language. By using green playdough along with a variety of green objects toddlers can link the word 'green' to the colour. Depending on their readiness they could simply play with this activity while you sit with them and give them new language, or you could get them to help find green things around the house to add to the tray. 

2. Colour Matching

Exploring colour with Playdough in 3 ways.

Once your toddler has developed the language to name some colours you can introduce them to differentiating between two of them. By using two colours of playdough and household objects or toys you can easily set up a simple puzzle as shown in the photo. Once your child is confidently sorting between two colours you could increase the challenge by using 3 and then 4 colours.

3. Colour Mixing

Exploring colour with Playdough in 3 ways.

Using playdough to explore the effects of colour mixing is a fun and engaging activity for preschoolers through to older children. They get a real thrill of seeing the colours come together and to see how many different colours they can create. This is a great activity to make sure you involve yourself in with the kids. Lots of questions arise that can prompt thoughtful discussion between you. 'How do you make red?' and 'Look! I made green!' are great stepping stones to children getting a true understanding of how colours are formed with your input.

Exploring colour with Playdough in 3 ways.

Colour play is adored by children, as is playing with playdough. For more ideas on how to explore colour you can follow my Colour Play Pinterest board here, and for more ideas on using playdough you can follow my Playdough Explorations board here.

Happy exploring,

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