Treasure Baskets for Babies aged 9-12 Months

It has been a while since I have written a treasure basket post, and for good reason! We have had two treasure baskets in our house for a long time now as Master R is adoring them and still visiting them everyday!

Balls Treasure Basket

The oldest and most loved basket is his balls treasure basket. We have filled it with various types of balls that are guaranteed to be spread over the floor by the end of the day and more than likely the smaller ones have been squirreled away behind the couch or in a kitchen cupboard!

He started playing with balls before he could crawl and by the time he was crawling this treasure basket has been on our shelves. Balls are such an incentive for babies to crawl as they just always seem to get out of reach! Now that Master R is walking he often transfers the balls from one place to another or throws them before toddling after them.

Sunglasses Treasure Basket

Our newer, but still much loved treasure basket is full of all my old sunglasses (I knew there was a reason I was keeping them!!) Master R's fascination began by trying to pull them off of people's heads and so my old sunglasses came out to protect the new ones. A few of them have had arms snapped as he has explored them which is why he is not allowed to play with new ones. He loves watching others put the sunglasses on often initiating it as a game, and he sits ever so still with his mouth wide open when we put the sunglasses on him - adorable!!

Treasure Baskets for Babies 9-12 Months

Other treasure baskets we have used between 9 months and now are an initial basket full of all his small toys, a red-themed basket, a cultural basket and a circle basket.

The ideas for what to put in treasure baskets are endless, watch your child and see what they are drawn to for inspiration. Or look at some of my favourite sites and what they have done at How We Montessori and Living Montessori Now.

Also, be sure to read about our Calming Basket as an idea for the difficult time at the end of the day just as you are preparing dinner. It's been the most popular post so far and is still so good for helping Master R to have some quiet time.

Happy Playing!

Alison :)



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