Homemade Christmas Wrapping Paper

This year we are going to be spending our Christmas in Peru which is very exciting! This will be the first year I celebrate Christmas in a completely different culture and will be a great time to celebrate with our son and teach him about his heritage.

It of course means that I miss out on Christmas at home with my side of the family, a downside to living a multicultural life that many others would understand. We decided to have an early Christmas to make up for this and to make it that little bit more special I decided to get my son to help make our own Christmas wrapping paper!

Foam and wooden homemade stampers with red and green paint to make Christmas wrapping paper

I almost went out and bought some brown paper to do this, but then thought that I could be even more resourceful than that and make this wrapping paper out of things we already had!

I found a brown paper bag, thin brown cardboard from the middle of other (birthday themed) wrapping paper and I also decided to use newspaper.

Foam and wooden homemade stampers and paint stamp pad

For obvious reasons I choose green and red paint and made a few easy stampers for my boys little hands to hold - two pieces of thick foam and two wooden offcuts wrapped with string for extra effect. To ensure we didn't get big globs of paint everywhere I made a paint stamp pad with an ice-cream lid and thin foam cut to fit.

Paint covered feet after painting

Now painting with a 12 month old is messy business, and not one I'll ever be doing with a camera in hand so instead you can see our after effects! You can see that he pulled off the foam from the stamp pads but as the paint was soaked in them, we still didn't get huge amounts of paint everywhere which was great. A big drop sheet and old clothes for both of us meant we were free to paint, get messy and not worry!

Christmas wrapping paper just after it has been painted

Here are the results of our wrapping paper all wrapped up around our presents! I think it looks great and particularly love his little green hand print!

Our christmas wrapping paper displayed in use

Have you ever made your own wrapping paper or are you planning to this year?

For more Christmas ideas you can follow my Christmas Activities board on Pinterest!



  1. The wrapping paper paintings look fantastic Ali! Coincidently, a friend of mine has just written a guest post for me on this same activity... Promise I didn't copy your idea - but great minds must think alike ;)

    1. Thanks Lauren! That's such a coincidence that you have one planned like this and I have one planned like your car trip post!! Great minds definitely!! :)

  2. Oh wow this is so creative and resourceful. Love the idea of using simple newspaper too - such a great activity for the little ones. Those paint covered pants are priceless too. xx

    1. They are his 'painting' clothes so he can get as messy as he wants! :)

  3. This is really a cute and creative idea!
    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!


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