Keeping Busy in the Kitchen with Egg Cartons

Each Friday I am going to share some photos of what I do to keep Rodri busy in the kitchen whilst I cook. It is not always easy, he loves to hang off of the back of my legs and doesn't love the fact that I'm spending most of the time looking at the bench and not being with him. I have found though that by offering new experiences near me he stays entertained for longer.

To start this mini series I am sharing with you the simplicity of an egg carton with his blocks!



  1. Great idea for a mini-series Ali!
    The tupperware cupboard is my saviour when I'm busy in the kitchen, and magnets on the fridge are handy too! But hopefully as Miss M gets older she can have some 'helping' jobs eg a dishwashing station! I've also heard of 'learning towers' - like a little step ladder with a back on it so little ones can safely be up at bench height and get involved in the kitchen.

    1. Oh I can't wait until I have a little helper in the kitchen! Those towers look fantastic, I'll definitely be looking into getting something like that!


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