30 Days of Outdoor Play

Dirt Girl World on Facebook has spent September encouraging kids to spend time outside with their 30 Days of Getting Grubby. We have been following along with and loving their ideas for things to do outside! If you are not yet following them on Facebook I highly recommend that you do! It is a wonderful community of people sharing their kids adventures where you can read inspiring quotes and find amazing ideas for your garden and of course activities for your kids to do.

Below is their complete list of 30 Days of Getting Grubby. We haven't completed them all yet but you can see our photos from the ones that we have done and I will add more as we check them all off!

Day 1: Look At Me, I Am Outside!

One of the first sunny days after Winter

Day 2: Grubby Hands Rock  

Getting Grubby
My boy and his friend had a ball Getting Grubby

Day 3: Play Around

We took cloud dough outside and added Leaves, Rocks and Sticks

Day 4: Get to the heart of Nature

Making Sticky Nature Hearts was a lot of fun!

Day 5: Have Lunch in the Great Outdoors

Lots to see when you eat outside!

Day 6: Head in the Clouds
Day 7: Spend Some Time with your Father Figure

A nice long walk for Our First Father's Day

Day 8: Me and My Shadow

We found our shadow on the washing line!

Day 9:  Bathe in the Glow of the Moon
Day 10: Hit the Park

Swinging with his Tia (Aunty)

Day 11: Get Up Close and Personal with a Chicken... Or an Egg
Day 12: Head Outside and Find Something that is Round

He held on to this peach pit for the rest of the day after finding it!

Day 13: Besties Day
Day 14: Mud Pie Day
Day 15: Plant Something

A great learning experience while Planting Sunflowers

Day 16: Go for a Nature Walkabout
Day 17: Make Friends with a Worm
Day 18: Make a Nature Friend
Day 19: Head off on a Scavenger Hunt
Day 20: Have a Wheely Awesome Day

First bike ride with his Papi (Dad)

Day 21: Make a Mud Monster
Day 22: Head Outside with Chalk

Fun with chalk at out First Birthday Party

Day 23: Make a Nature Bracelet
Day 24: Have an Animal Search

We found lots of animals during a day at a Wildlife Park

Day 25: Make a Sound Map
Day 26: Share a Story Outside

Reading and bird watching on the local oval.

Day 27: Jump Around
Day 28: Star Gazing
Day 29: Make a Cubby

We took our cardboard cubby outside
 Day 30: The Grateful Walk

If you haven't checked out their page yet do it now here!

How many of these can you check off already or have you done them all? I would love to hear all about it!



  1. These ideas are brilliant. It certainly looks like your little one has enjoyed them all. I love Dirt Girl World! Thanks so much for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party. Hope you will join us again from tomorrow :-)

    1. Thank you! He has been enjoying them all!


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