10 Ways To Play With Rainbow Rice

We recently made a batch of Rainbow Rice using this very simple recipe from Happy Hooligans and have loved playing with it ever since. Rice is a wonderful base for inspiring creative play and there are many ways that you can use it! Below you will find 10 ways that you can use your beautiful mixed up Rainbow Rice!

1. Explore!
Simply use your hands or add a few scoops to pour and play as we did the first time we played with it. This is great for first time use, you could present the colours separately for the kids to mix up themselves and take it outside to minimize the clean up!

2. Themed Sensory Bins

There are many sensory bins out there that lend themselves well to a single coloured batch of rice, not so many for when it is all mixed up. I do however love these Happy Birthday sensory bins from Hand Made Kids Art and Simply Sproute Educate. Add some streamers, balloons, candles and numbers for a surprise for your little ones birthday!

3. Discovery Bottles
Perfect for smaller children and to add sound to the experience. Discovery bottles are cheap and easy to create, mess free and can travel with you!

4. Story Bins
Similar to sensory bins but based on a story to add a literary experience to the play. Things to Share and Remember created a beautiful gardening experience after reading Planting a Rainbow. Tishylishy on Facebook has shared this wonderful sensory play based on the Elmer stories which I think would work wonderfully with rainbow rice. 

5. I-Spy
Deserving a category of it's own is I-Spy. Rainbow rice is the perfect base for this intriguing game as the colours help to hide the objects you are looking for! Happy Hooligans has created an I-Spy sensory bin perfect for using with friends. Pink and Green Mama has very cleverly turned their I-Spy into a discovery bottle, use it to entertain during car trips or quiet time inside.

6. Glue Art
Create beautiful pictures by sprinkling the rice over white glue. Your Modern Family has created colour rice art and The Outlaw Mom has used this technique to make letters and messages.

7. Ornaments
If you find your rainbow rice is no longer being played with don't throw it out! Pop on over to Twodaloo to see how to turn it into fantastic ornaments, perfect to add some colour to your Christmas Tree or as any decoration!

8. Ice-Cream Sprinkles
This is something that would never have crossed my mind but now seems so obvious! Turn your rainbow rice into sprinkles during your playdough play. Four Little Piglets used it for ice-cream, you could use it for cupcakes or doughnuts or anything you would put sprinkles on!

9. Wall Funnels
I could see my boy loving this when he is older! Frugal Fun 4 Boys has created a huge funnel and tube contraption to play with rainbow rice with big movement! I love how the clear tubes allow you to watch the rice filter through!

10. Writing Tray
Use the rainbow rice to practice letters or numbers just like Happy Homemaker. Add it to a light table for even more fun!

So there you go, 10 different ways to play with Rainbow Rice! Make sure you check out all of the links for more information. No excuses not to make it and play with it today!



  1. If only my girls were younger the would have had so much fun with this!

    1. It is really fun! I think most kids would love it!

  2. Wow. This rice looks beautiful. We will definitely have to have a go at making it. I think my girls would enjoy the sensory bin the best and my four year old would enjoy making the art with it. Thanks for the great ideas. Visiting via #teamIBOT

  3. Oh wow you are so clever! How lucky are your kids! I am definitely doing this over the Christmas holidays with my 2 - its looks wonderful X

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you are going to give it a go, it's really easy!!

  4. Great colorful post! Thanks so much for sharing my link too.

    1. Thank you! I really love your gardening sensory bin, so colourful and inviting!

  5. Wow so many ideas! We used to make roads for ours and drive cars through them. Was good fun :)

  6. Oh I can see a huge mess with this. At what age do you recommend playing with this?

  7. Yes, it can get very messy! My boy was 11 months when we first played with it and we like to use it outside, I find that I don't mind the mess at all outside whereas inside I try to control and contain it too much which isn't fun for either of us!


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