Sticky Nature Hearts

We love spending time outside, mostly I just let my boy free play and explore the things he finds but sometimes I like to bring an art activity with us for further inspiration. As he is not yet walking and our backyard is huge there are many things that has not yet explored, I wanted to show him some of the different colours we have in our garden and had this activity in the back of my mind for a while now.

Using clear contact to stick things on is an 'oldie but a goodie' in terms of art activities. A lot of people put it on windows when doing it indoors which is beautiful with the light streaming through. Outdoors however I needed to be a little inventive about it. I used cardboard to cut out a heart shape and simply stuck the contact onto it - easy! You could do any shape you want, I choose a heart to go along with Dirt Girl World and their 30 Days of Getting Grubby. This is Day 4 - Get to the heart of nature where they encouraged people to make a heart out of natural materials (like this for example). Trying to do that with a 10 month old though would be near impossible, at least it would be with my boy who loves to move and throw things at the moment!

And just to prove it I have included the pictures above to show you that while the activities we do may look pretty and the photos show that he is interested, it doesn't always go as planned. He is not some prodigy infant who sits still for ages and likes all things the first time I try them. As you can see the first thing he did was upend my bowl of petals, throw the heart and crawl away!

It wasn't until I held the petals in my hand that he all of a sudden wanted them. He came back to me and I showed him how to stick them on the contact. His love for moving things at the moment motivated him to continue this and he ended up becoming very focused on the activity.

This was great for his fine motor skills and practicing that ever so important pincer grasp.

He enjoyed putting things on one-by-one and then trying to get them unstuck too.

Then he did his other favourite thing and tried to turn the page as if it was a book!

Has anyone else joined in with the 30 Days of Getting Grubby? You can read about our Day 2 - Grubby Hands Rock here and I recommend that you follow Dirt Girl World on Facebook for more exciting ideas!



  1. This is so sweet. They are so innocent and ready to explore at this age.

  2. They are aren't they! I love their fascination of little things!


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