Planting Sunflowers

There is no better way to welcome Spring than by planting some flowers so that we can watch them grow! We were lucky enough to be given some Sunflower seeds as a party favour from a special little friends 2nd birthday (what a fantastic idea by the way!)

I wasn't sure if my boy (10 months old) would be too young to help or not. I decided to just give it a go and found that he was actually quite fascinated by what I was doing.

He enjoyed watching me make the holes in the soil and kept watching carefully as I put the seeds inside and covered them up.

He had  go at picking them up himself and even threw some onto the soil. He surprises me all the time by what he can do and it just goes to show that we should never underestimate them. They are little observers just waiting to get involved in our world!

Do you have anything special growing in your garden at the moment?



  1. I've a garden post coming up but I forgot all about planting sunflowers. How forgetful of me! We've made a veggie patch so that we can have some healthy food to nourish our bodies but sunflowers nourish our happiness and mind! I must plant some tomorrow!

    1. We didn't do a veggie patch this season as we will be away for a month, but our Sunflowers will be blooming any day now!


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