Homemade Shape Sorter

We have a traditional shape sorter that my son has been playing with for a while now and with a lot of guidance he was starting to put the shapes through the holes. It is however getting fixed at the moment and we have been missing it, so I decided to make a quick and simple one to play with while we wait.

All I did was get an old container with a lid, cut a round hole in the top a tiny bit bigger than the toys and put some tape around the edge as my cutting ability did not leave it perfectly smooth.

This version of a shape sorter actually has quite a few advantages over the traditional types for babies just starting to use them. As there is no sorting, he can concentrate on the hand-eye coordination needed to get the toys in the hole. He wont have to deal with the frustration of a shape not fitting which at this point is beyond his understanding. Also, he is able to play with this one independently without my constant guidance (after I had showed him how to use it of course).

If you have several lids that fit the same container you could cut out other shapes, one lid with a square, one with a triangle and as they become more competent a lid with just two shapes then 3 shapes to sort between. Slowly introducing the concept of different shapes fitting different holes and working your way towards a traditional shape sorter with 10 or so shapes to sort. A little something like this at Midwest Montessori if you are having trouble picturing what I mean!

As I mentioned in Purposeful Hands my boy is enjoying practicing new skills such as placing objects with precision, moving all sorts of things around and is learning about cause and effect through activities like Balls and Ramps. This homemade shape sorter fits perfectly in to what he needs at the moment and he is loving practicing his new skills with it!



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