Getting Grubby

Do you let your kids get grubby? I think it is fantastic! They have so much fun when they are free to get their clothes, hands and face dirty and don't have to worry about anything.

Even better is when the play is invented by the kids. There is so much joy and freedom in just letting them be!


I love sitting back and watching play unfold, especially this kind of play with kids getting along really well. 

As part of Dirt Girl World's 30 Days Of Getting Grubby this is Day 2 - Grubby Hands Rock! You can follow along with it on their Facebook page. My goal is to complete all 30, but like this I think a lot of them will come naturally so we wont be completing them all in 30 days. I will be putting a post up soon of the list so far, they are up to Day 10 and there are a couple more that we can already tick off.

I challenge you to try and complete them all too! Do you think you could do it?



  1. I don't have kids but I remember loving playing in the dirt, mud, puddles and pretty much anything that was messy as a kid. It's so great to see kids just digging and exploring and not being told to stop it, don't get dirty, don't do that. Love it. Love your website and love your message Ali. Sarah x

  2. Thanks Sarah, I had fun like this as a kid too! It comes so naturally that it would be such a shame to stop it.


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