Circle Treasure Basket

We have had this basket out for a while now, longer than a week actually and my boy is still enjoying exploring all the items each day. I have a few of my old bangles, some egg rings, links and a few different teethers. Lots of different colours and textures for him to explore.

To add another element I placed our paper towel holder next to it and use it to show him how to put the circles over it.

So far he just likes to take the rings off that I put on there, either by tipping them off like in the photo (excuse the blurry action shot) or pulling them off one by one.

Soon maybe he will have a go at putting them on there too! It would be like an introduction to a ring stacker.

For more information on treasure baskets you can click here or you can read about our red treasure basket or our cultural treasure basket for other ideas.

For Father's Day I might put together a treasure basket of some of his Dads things for him to explore. I think he would especially like playing with that when his Dad is at work as he is just getting to the stage of being upset when his Dad leaves.

Has anyone reading made up a treasure basket recently? What did you put in it?



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