Balls and Ramps

My son has two toys that are absolutely fascinating for him at the moment and both involve balls and ramps! If you read my post earlier on Purposeful Hands you would know that he is currently experimenting with cause and effect so it's no wonder he is drawn to these toys!

The wooden toy has holes on top for the balls to be pushed through to then roll down a ramp and continue along the floor. It also came with a hammer to hit the balls and dominoes to set up in the path of the ball. Both of those elements will be given to him later when he is developing the skills to be able to using them, for now pushing the balls through with his hand is perfect for him.

The house has many parts on it to keep little hands busy, the bell and the roller don't interest him much but there are two doors that open (great for him to squirrel away some balls) half the roof that lifts up and a ramp hidden inside from the chimney to the open doorway that you can see in the picture. He likes to put the wooden balls from the previous toy down this chimney to watch them come shooting out.

We were lucky enough to already have the house (a toy from my childhood) and to find the wooden toy for a great price from a local toy factory. However if we didn't have these we would have been making our own which can be done very simply.

I have found two easy examples that you could try.

A tissue box and a sloped mattress which you can see here at Living Montessori Now.

Or an easy ramp off of a chair which you can see here at Childhood 101.

These types of activities are fantastic for babies from around 9 - 10 months. Babies of this age are at the stage of exploring cause and effect, they love to make things happen, again and again and again! Toys like the house and the tissue box example also allow babies to explore object permanence which is understanding that something still exists even when you can't see it anymore.

I'd love to hear about some ways that you have explored cause and effect with your kids! You can comment below or join me on Facebook from the sidebar!



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