Sensory Runway

Today I picked up three fruit and vegetable box trays from the local supermarket. It was my intention to use them to make a sensory board, but like usual in our house what we ended up doing was quite different! Just after picking them up I sat in our living room with my son and my husband and discussed what I was going to do with them. My boy took an interest straight away touching and banging the boxes. My husband first used the boxes to make a tunnel which our son LOVED (finding a big box for him to play like this with is on my to do list). Next my husband turned them over and lined them up and our boy was straight on top of them. He loved that he was that little bit higher, I could see the pride all over his face!

While the little man had a sleep I quickly got to work adding a little more interest to the boxes. I wanted to cover them in different materials to give him another sense to explore them with. I choose a soft blue blanket, yellow crunchy cellophane and some green fake grass. Three different colours and three different textures. I simply wrapped them around the boxes and used a little sticky tape. They are not held exceptionally tight but it has been enough to keep the material on and it means it will be easy to change later if I like.

The smile on my boy's face when he saw it confirmed for me that I did it just right for him. He has since spent a lot of time over several periods playing with this sensory runway. He crawls the length of it, climbs over from one side to the other, bangs his hands on it, feels with his fingers, puts his toys on top of it and of course sits back to suss it all out.

It's nice to see him challenged now that he is a proficient crawler. Climbing on and off it was at first quite slow but now quite confident and quick. There were a few moments when he slipped off the edge but he knows now how to coordinate his arms and legs to remain stable.

This has been a great activity and is one that he enjoys a lot. There are so many different materials that you could use for the tops of the boxes. You could use foam, bubble wrap, foil, silk, wool, fur, towels, sticky contact - whatever you have around your house! Can't get any boxes? Lay the materials along the floor, add some pillows for climbing or your quilt folded a couple of times. This is one of those activities that you can throw together quickly with whatever you have.

Here are some more sensory trails to inspire you:
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Comment below if you have tried this and what materials you used!



  1. Super cute idea for sensory and color recognition. Sidenote: I love your blog header. Adorable pictures! Thanks for linking up on #ToddlerFunFriday!

  2. What a great sensory play idea. Thanks for sharing!


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