Rainbow Shadows

Baby playing with coloured cellophane in the sunlight

This beautiful activity was actually a happy accident. Don't you just love the moments when they happen?! In teaching we call it a 'teachable moment', it's not planned, it's not prepared for, but it is oh so brilliant and for obvious reasons kids are SO much more engaged. I love them and so it thrilled me today when this happened!

Baby exploring rainbow shadows

Our house unfortunately does not have a lot of natural light, that is except for this one spot, in the late afternoon where on a sunny day the light streams through our glass front door. My plan was to make use of this light and tape cellophane shapes to the glass in the hope that it would cast colours over our carpet. What happened was that my boy was watching me start to do this and so I gave him some cellophane to keep him occupied while he waited. He promptly screwed it up in his little fist, dropped it on the carpet and was instantly captured by the light shining through it. That's when I stopped what I was doing and started scrunching up more cellophane in different colours to add to his!

Baby reaching to pick up a piece of cellophane
This fascinated him for a long, long time. He favoured two colours, a green and a yellow and held one in each hand the whole time. He crinkled them, holding them to his ear to listen, rubbing them on his feet to feel them and he held them while he played with the others. He lent in close to see the colours, crawled through them making them crunch, picked them up and dropped them which made them flutter down. So many things to do and so many senses to explore it with.

It was nothing short of an absolute delight and I highly recommend that you make use of that sunny spot in your house and try it for yourself!

Baby looking at cellophane pieces

Baby holding and looking at cellophane

Baby exploring the feel of cellophane on his foot

For more simple sensory baby play I suggest that you read about our interactive mobiles and sensory runway, both of which are easy to set up and are engaging for baby!

Baby exploring cellophane



  1. Love when something unexpected happens & turns into an amazing moment!

  2. Me too! Even more so when it is so simple!


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