Cultural Treasure Basket

This is our Cultural Treasure Basket ready for my boy to discover this week. My husband is from Peru, in fact that is where we met. I spent a couple of years living over there and collected some really beautiful things before returning to live in Australia. A lot of what I collected was handmade pottery and I'm not ready for little hands to explore them, even with supervision! So I put together a basket of the woven and knitted materials that I had, it is all so colourful and vibrant and the textures feel great too, it also contains lots of the things he loves at the moment like zips and tassles!

A basket full of Peruvian materials for a baby to discover

I've found that for my son treasure baskets lose their appeal after about a week, except for a few favourite objects he has picked out and continued to play with. I'm excited about this treasure basket as it is a good opportunity for him to start to get to know a little bit of his heritage. We are going to Peru at the end of the year and he will most definitely be seeing these types of fabrics around as no doubt I will be shopping for more!!
Does your family have something special that you could introduce through a treasure basket?



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