Baby Safe Finger Paint

Finger painting is a fabulous activity for kids. It's messy, colourful, tactile and most importantly LOTS of fun!

My little boy enjoyed his first painting experience. At first he was a bit unsure, he touched the paint with just one hand and had a good look at what it was. Then a little taste, deciding if it was something he wanted to play with and then he slapped his hand on the paper, splattering the paint and had a good giggle.

He used both hands to push and slide the paint over the paper and table, scratching, scrunching, splattering to leave behind a bit colourful impression.

His clothes were messy, his face was messy, his hands were certainly messy and in the end his Dad and I were messy too. There is something quite freeing about not worrying and getting messy with your child. It is a joyful experience with lots of smiles and laughter.

The sun was out on the day that we finger painted but it was not what I would call hot, so we dressed in old clothes just in case our paint left stains (which it didn't in the end but it's always best to be careful). I choose to do it outside firstly because of the wonderful weather but secondly because the mess could stay on the grass and clean up would be a breeze!

Finger painting is not something to be afraid of as long as you are realistic about what you are doing. Yes, the kids will get messy - so dress them in old clothes, or if warm enough just a nappy. Yes, your space will get messy - so do it outside or cover the area in newspaper. Yes, you will probably get messy too, so again use old clothes. And yes, babies will more than likely try to taste some of it, so make your own homemade finger paint to ensure it is baby safe!

Making it is easy enough, I used this recipe from the Imagination Tree and tweaked it slightly. I made half the recipe which was enough for one painting and used jelly crystals to colour it instead of food dye to try and minimise the staining factor. So the recipe I used was:

-1 cup of Corn Flour
-1/2 cup of Cold Water
-2.5 cups of Boiling Water
-Jelly Crystals until the desired colour is reached

I found that the order of adding the corn flour and water made a difference for reasons that I don't understand! When I first slowly added the corn flour to the cold water it became a very thin liquid and thus didn't work. So make sure that you put the corn flour in a bowl first and then tip in all of the cold water to make a thick paste, next add the boiling water in parts, stirring in between. Finally add your colours.

This is one of many options, for other paint recipes you could use check out Edible Paint Recipes at Learn - Play - Imagine.

This is a great experience for everyone involved! I highly recommend you try finger painting with your little ones!



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