Red Treasure Basket

Our red themed treasure basket was very easy to put together. With Master R on my hip I walked through each of our rooms looking for red items and found quite a variety!

Treasure baskets with red objects

As Master R was watching each item get put in his curiosity was growing and by the time I put him on the floor with the basket he couldn't wait to get into it. He spent such a long time playing with these items over two different periods today and he still hasn't explored all of them. Unsurprisingly the object that caught his attention the most was my big red coffee mug which he sees me use each morning, I don't think he could quite believe that he could finally get his hands on it! We will keep this basket out now for a while and change it once he loses interest.

Does your child have an older sibling? I think they would love to go on a 'red treasure hunt' to help you fill up your basket!
Here is a list of what we included in

1. A soft, silky scarf
2. A micro fleece headband/ear warmer
3. His corduroy pants
4. Shoes he is yet to wear
5. Measuring spoons
6. Lip balm
7. A straw
8. Drinking cup
9. Coffee mug (this is only in the basket when I am directly supervising him, not while I am cooking dinner etc)
10. A home-made icy pole handle
11. A Tupperware container
12. English telephone box souvenir
13. Strips of red paper (from a weaving activity with my last class)

If you would like to read more about treasure baskets you can see my first post here and you can read my recommendations for treasure baskets for 9-12 month olds here.

Baby playing with red treasure basket



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