Cloud Dough

I have seen so many posts on Cloud Dough at the moment and was keen to give it a go, even just so that I could see what all the fuss was about!! Cloud dough is very simple to make, it's 8 parts flour to 1 part oil. I made it with vegetable oil so that it would be completely safe if Master R put some in his mouth.

Baby playing with cloud dough

You can make it colourful by using ground chalk or powder paints but I skipped this as it would no longer be edible. 'Growing A Jeweled Rose' has a post about making cloud dough colourful and safe for mouths which you can see here, Colored Cloud Dough Recipe, but as I didn't have the necessary types of colouring on hand I went without. Let me know if you try this coloured recipe and how it works!
I presented the dough to my boy in a tray on a big towel in our living room. The first thing he did was tip the tray over and was more interested in banging it around. Once I held the dough up for him, sprinkling it in front of him and forming mounds he really started to get in to it. He picked it up and put some back into the tray, watched it fall from his hands, tried picking up the mounds and tried again and tried again as they crumbled in his fingers, and yes he even tasted some. 

This activity held his attention for a short period of time (given that he has just learnt to crawl it was pretty good of him to sit still that long!) In fact, cleaning up probably took longer as it didn't brush off very well (vacuuming worked) and since it was so quick to make I really didn't mind.Baby playing with cloud dough

Next time I try this I will do it over our tiles and if warm enough have him in just a nappy. Cloud dough will definitely be used again in our house and I might just try that edible safe coloured dough next time or this wonderful version over at 'Lemon Lime Adventures' Baby Safe Cloud Dough

Interested in more sensory play ideas for babies? See what happened when I first introduced playdough and our first finger painting experience. If you are after something less messy then try making some simple treasure baskets.



  1. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing our Baby Safe Cloud Dough!

  2. Hi, Alison, yes, I've tried the play dough, but I did a funny mistake: I decided to go with natural coloring, adding a bit of curcuma and cinnamon to the flour. Well, I don't need to explain that the cloud dough looked no differently than regular playground sand. (yes, the silky feel, but the kid didn't care about it then, just me, haha) My then 1,5-year old had a look at the scarce amount of the playground I arranged for him in a low transparent plastic bin, touched it once or twice and tried to drive his tiny cars through it - and then went outside, to play with REAL sand :) Have a wonderful day, Damjana


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